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The Broker Advantage

Why should you choose a broker over a bank or other lending sources?

  1. Money Saving: Banks give you what they have. Brokers shop for the best loan available which mean the best rates and terms for you. Often, Banks cannot compete with wholesale lenders.
  2. Variety of Programs: Because brokers shop around, we have access to a wide range of programs. There are loan programs most borrowers have never heard of, but might be the best solution for your needs. As a result, Bon Air Mortgage can match your needs with the right financing package.
  3. Time Saving: Brokers gather the information needed where Banks want you to gather the information on your own.
  4. Packaging: While Banks take the information you have provided and plug it into their programs, brokers package the information to your advantage.

Bon Air Mortgage gives you the Broker Advantage. We are always pursuing new and unique financing programs to match the needs of our customers. To find out how we can meet your lending needs, Contact Us for more information.

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