Bon Air Mortgage Funds Commercial Loans

Our commercial loan division will find the right loan program for your Commercial Real Estate.
Do you need a loan for a purchase, a re-finance, or maybe an development project?

Since there are many types of commercial properties, there are many types of commercial loans.
If the property an apartment house, or a hotel, no problem.

Churches, golf courses no problem. Just tell us your needs and we will find the funds.

    We have money available from both institutional investors and private investor!

We have fast funding loans too!


    On a commercial property rates are calculated based on the following:

  1. Property type, apartment -hotel -office building -etc.
  2. Debt coverage -ie the income generated from the property
  3. Type of tenant in a single tenant building, that is a national tenant or just a standard tenant.
  4. Quality of the property and building type.
  5. Loan size, usually larger loans are less expensive, but we have some inexpensive small loans too.   
The factors listed above assisted in determining the rate of interest on a property.  With the answers to some basic questions can usually give you an approximate rate.

    As listed Above Larger Loans often carry lower rates! Apartments house loans have lower rates We have some Special small building Rates in California!.

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